About Us

Ssstik was founded 2022 with the vision to build a universal tool for file conversions. Our website tool is used both by end users and corporate customers via our API. 

We believe that it is important to focus on core business competencies and let others do everything else. This is why we are doing what we are best at doing: converting files.

We believe that data security is the most important good in our industry. This is why data protection and security have the highest priorities for us.

We believe in small, agile and unbureaucratic teams.


Why Ssstik?

Custom Workflows

Our feature-rich and flexible API can be integrated with your unique business cases.

Storage Integration

We are integrated with your existing and trusted storage provider, such as S3 or any other.


We use robust security measures. Read more about that in our security overview.


Our infrastructure scales automatically. We are ready to handle your load peaks.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is fair and affordable. This especially comes into play for high volume customers.


We do provide free and timely support, directly from the builders of CloudConvert.

Application offline!