AffiliateWP Pro free v2.21.0 Plugin (Gpl license)

AffiliateWP Pro free v2.21.0 Plugin (Gpl license)

AffiliateWP Pro free v2.21.0 Plugin (Gpl license)  is a plugin for WordPress that allows website owners to create a full-featured affiliate program. With AffiliateWP, website owners can easily manage their affiliates, track referrals, and pay commissions, making it an effective tool for growing their business and increasing revenue.

AffiliateWP Pro free Plugin (Gpl license)

AffiliateWP Pro free v2.21.0 Plugin (Gpl license) has complete integration with all major WordPress ecommerce and membership plugins. AffiliateWP tracks affiliate referrals reliably, even on servers with aggressive caching. AffiliateWP looks, and feels like it’s part of WordPress. Have an unlimited number of affiliates actively promoting your products and services. Affiliates can easily see how much they have earned, how much is awaiting payment, and even how their referral URLs have done over time…

File NameAffiliateWP Pro free v2.21.0 Plugin (Gpl license)
File Versionv2.21.0
File TypeGPL

AffiliateWP Pro free v2.21.0 Plugin (Gpl license) Features

  • Easy setup: AffiliateWP is easy to install and set up. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing users to create their own affiliate program quickly and easily.
  • Affiliate dashboard: Affiliates have access to their own dashboard where they can track their performance, view earnings, and access marketing materials.
  • Accurate tracking: AffiliateWP provides accurate tracking of referrals, clicks, and conversions, giving users real-time data on their affiliate program’s performance.
  • Affiliate management: The plugin provides a user-friendly interface for managing affiliates, including setting commission rates, approving or rejecting applications, and more.
  • Integration with popular plugins: AffiliateWP integrates with popular e-commerce platforms and other plugins, including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and more.
  • SEO benefits: With affiliates promoting your products and services, your website will gain higher visibility, leading to increased traffic and potential sales.
  • Automatic affiliate creation: With AffiliateWP, users can automatically create an affiliate account for their customers when they make a purchase.
  • Affiliate coupon tracking: Users can track coupon usage by affiliates and view detailed reports on coupon usage and revenue.
  • Affiliate referral link generator: The plugin generates unique referral links for each affiliate, making it easy to track referrals and commissions.
  • Real-time reporting: AffiliateWP provides real-time reporting, giving users access to up-to-date data on their affiliate program’s performance.
  • Commission payout management: Users can easily manage commission payouts and set payment thresholds, allowing for easy payment processing.

AffiliateWP Pro free v2.21.0 Plugin (Gpl license)

Download AffiliateWP Pro free v2.21.0 Plugin (Gpl license)

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