Beaver Builder Pro 2.7.2 free – WordPress Page Builder Plugin (Gpl license)

Beaver Builder Pro 2.7.2 free – WordPress Page Builder Plugin (Gpl license)

Beaver Builder Pro is a page builder plugin for WordPress that gives users complete control over their websites. With over 500,000 WordPress websites built using Beaver Builder, the plugin has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. Whether you’re a WordPress user looking to enhance your website’s design or a web professional looking to streamline your workflow, Beaver Builder Pro is the solution you need.

Features of Beaver Builder Pro 2.7.2 free Plugin

  • Trusted by over 500,000 WordPress websites
  • Provides complete control over your website
  • Integrates with your existing WordPress website
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop page builder
  • Builds responsive websites quickly and efficiently
  • Page builder and framework theme streamline your workflow
  • It saves valuable time and empowers clients to handle their own edits
  • Suitable for both WordPress users and web professionals.

(Changelog) in Beaver Builder Pro v2.7.2

v2.7.2 – 08/24/2023

  • PHP 7 now required for this and future updates of Beaver Builder. WordPress dropped support for PHP 5.6 in WordPress 6.3 and we are following that(#2767)


  • When shortcodes in CSS/JS is enabled, enable for node CSS/JS also (#2832)
  • Developer: Add new hooks fl_builder_before_render_column & fl_builder_after_render_column (#1647)
  • Prevent redirect to ?fl_builder when iFrame is disabled and you try to load the iFrame UI builder UI via direct URL (#2764)
  • Rename Reusable Blocks group to WordPress Patterns due to rename in WP 6.3 (#2761)
  • Accessibility: You can now escape out of submenus in Menu Module (#2496)
  • Row BackGround Videos: Show fallback photo while Vimeo video loads (#151)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix UI freezing after adding a custom row shape (#2841)
  • Fix conflicts with Appointment Hour Booking and LearnDash when iFrame UI enabled (#2837 & 2743)
  • Fix dragging a saved node when search in content panel is active (#2799)
  • Hide Advanced settings in WP Admin for Network Admin (#2762)
  • Posts Module: Fix loading text not being translatable (#2770)
  • Fix font family select scrolling down the page when iFrame UI is disabled (#2747)
  • Fix images going outside the container on small devices when reverse stacking is set (#2754)
  • Video Module: Fix lightbox when using YouTube Privacy Enhanced Mode (#2688)
  • ACF: Fix ACF Text editors not loading correctly in ACF Blocks used in our UI (#2823)
  • Fix scroll bar freezing when clicked in Content panel (#2875)

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