Bookly Discounts (Add-on) Plugin

Bookly Discounts (Add-on) Plugin

Bookly Discounts (Add-on) Plugin Bookly Discounts (Add-on) enables you to create automatic conditional discounts based on various factors like the Bookly Discounts (Add-on) Plugin of customers or services booked. Once the booking details meet the conditions you set, Bookly Discounts (Add-on) Plugin discounted price will be automatically applied, and customers will see the reduced price instantly.

Bookly Discounts (Add-on) Plugin Features

  • Set special service price for bigger groups (Bookly Group Booking (Add-on) is required)
  • Reduce total booking Bookly Discounts (Add-on) Plugin price based on how many services are reserved (if you have at least one of the Bookly add-ons that allow your clients to book multiple appointments in one session)
  • Specify time period during which the discount can be used
  • Set a percentage Bookly Discounts (Add-on) Plugin or fixed amount off
  • Bind discounts to all or specific services

In the same way as all Bookly add-ons, the discounts feature seamlessly integrates with the Bookly PRO Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System – the setup takes only a few minutes.

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