Bookly Waiting List (Add-on)

Bookly Waiting List (Add-on)

Bookly Waiting List (Add-on) you want to provide clients with the option to join a waiting list for fully-booked time slots? The Bookly Waiting List (Add-on) allows you to enable this feature in your Bookly booking system.

If a cancellation Bookly Waiting List (Add-on) , you can quickly fill the open time slot by notifying the clients on the waiting list. Bookly will automatically notify the service provider about the available time slot, along with a list of Bookly Waiting List (Add-on) in line. With just a click on the relevant link next to the client’s name, you can their status from ‘on waiting list’ to ‘approved’.

Bookly Waiting List (Add-on) Features

  • Offer clients a waiting list for fully booked times
  • Manage waitlisted customers in the Bookly admin panel
  • Send automated notifications to staff Bookly Waiting List (Add-on) to set an appointment from the waiting list
  • Send automated notifications to clients when a desired time slot becomes available for booking

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