Construction WordPress Theme

Construction WordPress Theme

Construction WordPress Theme is a WordPress business theme. It is focused on building websites for construction companies. The Construction WordPress Theme includes WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)Revolution sliderWooCommerce support and an advanced admin panel.

Construction WordPress Theme is suitable for users who are new to WordPress or don’t have any coding experience. Our easy to use theme options provide a range of options to make customization quick and simple.

Construction WordPress Theme who want to customize the theme even further will not have any issues as our code is written both to Construction WordPress Theme and WordPress Codex standards.

Construction WordPress Theme all those features and our excellent support, you just cannot go wrong. Building your perfect WordPress theme will be a a joy, why search further, start building now!


Construction WordPress Theme Changelog:

Update: 19.06.2023 – v1.5.0

- added support for WordPress 6.2.x
- added support for WooCommerce 7.8.0
- added support for PHP 8.0
- optimized CSS and JavaScript
- Small bugs fixed

Most of the files in the theme have changed.

Update: 30.07.2021 – v1.4.2

- Update Woocommerce
- Support for WordPress 5.8
- Security improved
-- Other small bug fixed

A lot of files in the theme have been changed. Please update all files.

Update: 25.01.2021 – v1.4.1

- fix some issues with woocommerce templates,
- improve calendar widget style,
- improve dummy data importer
- minor code fixes

Update: 11.01.2021 – v1.4.0

- fixed an issue with icon fonts not loading
- improved Theme options screens for custom fonts
- fixed issues with data export in Theme options
- fixed an issue with JS execution order which could result in incosistent rendering
- updated all included plugins

- anps-framework/classes/AnpsImport.php
- anps-framework/classes/Dummy.php
- anps-framework/classes/Style.php
- anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy1/
- anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy2/
- anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy3/
- anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy4/
- anps-framework/install_plugins.php
- css/components-rtl.css
- css/components.css
- css/core-rtl.css
- css/core.css
- functions.php
- js/functions.js
- style.css
- woocommerce/checkout/form-checkout.php
- woocommerce/notices/error.php
- woocommerce/notices/notice.php
- woocommerce/notices/success.php
- woocommerce/single-product-reviews.php

Update: 06.10.2020 – v1.2.9

- added basic support for Gutenberg
- updated required plugins
- small fixes

- function.php
- single.php
- archive.php
- style.css

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