Element Pack v7.3.1 – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin free (gpl license)

Element Pack v7.5.2 free - Addon for Elementor Page Builder (Gpl license)

Element Pack v7.3.1 – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin free (gpl license) is the ultimate web solution and the number #1 addon with essential web development tools for WordPress. Element Pack provides more than 70+ essential elements for everyday applications to simplify the whole web building process.

Element Pack v7.3.1 – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin free (gpl license)

  1. Accordion – Element Pack Lite plugin provides advanced accordion design for the page builder. This page demonstrates the accordion addon.
  2. Age Gate – If you want to restrict your site’s content for visitors under a certain age, you can use the Age Gate to do that. See the demo
  3. Animated Link – Tired of plain and simple looking Links? The animated link widget is developed to make links appear with stunning animations and interfaces. See the demo
  4. Brand Grid – The brand grid widget is a unique branding tool for WordPress that makes it possible to display brand images with a hover popup on top that contains the identity text. See the demo
  5. Business Hours – Business hours show your company or business hours as a beautiful list of working hours.
  6. Creative Button – Killing for some extraordinary button graphics for WordPress? The creative button widget have tons of unique and powerful button layouts to bring more energy to your website. See the demo
  7. Call Out – Call out addon is the ultimate call out design. You can highlight your content using this element. Check the demo now.
  8. Countdown – This feature provides an easy solution to add a countdown timer to your website. Watch the demo to know how to add countdown.
  9. Cookie Consent – If you are looking for the ultimate cookie consent addon, this addon is the solution. It complies site with GDPR
  10. Custom Gallery – Custom gallery with modern design and customization options with lightbox support for your website project. You can use it with any theme or project.
  11. Calendly – Element Pack has integrated Calendly into a new widget for the sole purpose of providing a better user experience and ease-of-access for users across the globe.
  12. Dual Button – Fancy modern premade dual button for your sites more engagement. its group button and you can modify the buttons every element.
  13. Dropbar – To get more engagement with your visitors, drop bar is a must-have feature for your landing page, online shop, or business portfolio.
  14. Dark mode – To show your content differently, the dark mode can help you to make it read/show the content amazingly. Different colors and text look.
  15. Fancy list – This widget can make your site looks more modern and fancy looks. You can show your content list more dynamically with this widget.
  16. Fancy Icons – Fancy Icon isfor creating beautiful shaded icons for social media promotions. Do a lot more than just an icon.
  17. Featured Box – Featured Box is for creating events using a large image as canvas and info box on top following by a CTA button.
  18. Flip Box – To show your content more dynamically and interactively – the flip box is a widget you should use with your content. Enjoy our live demos.
  19. Facebook Feed – Maximize your social media presence by using the Facebook Feed widget inside your WordPress site. With it, you can show your latest and greatest Facebook posts with a customizable masonry layout, a sparkling ID name and banner, like-comment counts, and see more options.
  20. Image Accordion – Image Accordion works to make images collapsible and simultaneously extandable. The most important thing is it is perfect for showcasing images on site with super layout and style.
  21. Image Compare – Helps to compare two images with Horizontal Example, Vertical Example, After, and Before Background and Color Example, Bar Color Example.
  22. Image Magnifier – Image Magnifier converts your website more interesting and more interactive. You can see every part of the photos and zoom it.
  23. Image Stack – Image stack is a dynamic image gallery type plugin that creates an animated stacking effect with images. The widget can be loaded with a ton of images stacked one after another and unfolds upon hover. See the demo
  24. Icon Mobile Menu – As one of the most demanding features of WordPress, the Icon Mobile menu lets you design and create page navigation or header-footer menu bar with mobile-responsive icons and help it resemble the design that you see on the desktop view.
  25. Lightbox – Lightbox examples with Image Example,Video Example,Google Map Example,Icon Example,Button Example
  26. Logo Grid – Logo grid gives you easily manage your client or partner’s business logo show beautifully.
  27. Member – To show member profile – default, Alternative Photo Example, Phaedra skin Example, Calm skin Example, Parfait skin Example, Text Alignment Example and other
  28. Navbar – Responsive Navbar options with lots of possibilities and modern design. Easy to use and user-friendly navbar to make sure your job easy.
  29. Open Street Map – Open Street Map with Default Example, Map Height Example, Tooltip Background Color Example, Tooltip Radius Example, Tooltip Box Shadow Example
  30. Panel Slider – Panel Slider examples with Infinite No Example, Button Background Example, Title, Text, And Button Color Example Shadow Mode Example & other options
  31. Progress Pie – Display an interactive pie with percentage numbers, texts, and custom circle width for showing your project progress.
  32. Pricing List – Pricing list with some different examples like Item With Image Example, Pricing Background Color Example, Border Radius Example, List Style Different Color
  33. Product Grid – Display your eCommerce products with insightful details over a very attractive layout to impress your visitors and customers.
  34. Product Carousel – Every online store needs a nice-looking product display to showcase all it’s products to attract more attention from the viewers and actually sell items. To do that, our Product Carousel is the perfect choice for designers looking for aesthetics and a high-performance interface.
  35. Reading Progress – Attract your visitors to read your content with more consciously, that can help you your bounce rate to decrease. And your readers feel more comfortable.
  36. Review Card – Review Card is a static customer review box that helps you create stunning user reviews manually. It’s fully customizable, flexible, and responsive. You can add any amount of info as per your need. See the demo
  37. Review Card Carousel – The review card carousel is an amazing widget, developed for showcasing customizable customer reviews with a carousel animation panel. See the demo
  38. Simple Contact Form – Simple Contact Form is a custom contact form making tool that you can use as a quick tool for collecting leads.
  39. Slider – Slider to make your website more versatile, sometimes you need a slider, with basic functions, modification, and customization
  40. Scroll Button – With examples like -Scroll Down Example,Scroll Up Example,Duration Example,Offset Example (50px),Before Icon Position Example and others
  41. Step Flow – Step Flow is for designing flow charts with a new style and interface. Now, re-build your instruction manual with bright colors.
  42. Static Carousel – Static carousel makes it possible to craft your own carousel slider using a fully manual dashboard where you have to put the content separately for the carousel. It’s a highly demanded feature and we are glad to introduce it. See the demo.
  43. Static Grid Tab – Element Pack presents this wonderful feature that lets you design your hero section nicely. Static Grid Tab provides stunning designs suitable for you to attract more visitors. See the demo.
  44. Search – Search is a simple search widget that provides interactive search fields on your webpage for your users. You can get a simple search, modal options also.
  45. SVG Image – Fully interactive & animated custom SVG Image player widget for WordPress that lets you insert and customize SVGs seamlessly.
  46. Toggle – Toggle Default Example, Icon Change Example, Toggle With Icon List Example, Toggle With Image Gallery Example.
  47. Trailer Box – Product With Trailer Box, Salon Product With Trailer Box, Fashion With Trailer Box.
  48. Twitter Grid – Twitter Grid examples page Default Twitter grid, row, Columns, and other examples.
  49. User Register – WordPress default User register system brings in frontend and you can modify the design and give a fine touch to match your design.

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