Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin

Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin

With the help of Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin, you can integrate reviews from your Facebook page into your website to increase trust in your brand among visitors. The reviews can be filtered and you can also show information about Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin authors, with photos, as well as ratings and other details. Customization options include four layout variants, three review templates, a flexible header, and more.

This plugin is your choice if

  • You want to show what customers say about your business on Facebook
  • You wish to prove your Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin by showing real reviews
  • You want to attract new sales by boasting your excellent rating and approval
  • You are searching for a Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin solution to save your time and money

What you get with our plugin

Embed Facebook reviews on your web page

With Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin, all you need to integrate your Facebook reviews on the website is to get authorized on Facebook as the admin. Elfsight widget will automatically get the reviews and publish them on your website. Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin updating function helps show every new review as soon as it appears on Facebook.

Three filters to sort the content

Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin are three useful filters that will help you demonstrate the best reviews. Show all reviews or choose only positive; Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin can sort out reviews containing keywords using Exclude By filter; with the help of quantity filter, restrict the number of reviews displayed.

Add trust-raising review elements

Elfsight widget will show not only the text of the Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin , but also the author’s name and picture, the date of review, Facebook recommendation icons, and a star rating. These elements are switchable and can be turned off Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin create a clean gallery of reviews.

Ratings and counts

Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin

A button to request reviews

A review-request button with a call to action will lead a user to your Facebook page for leaving a new review, or open a message Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin to show your custom text or email address, where users can contact you. Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin way, you can collect more reviews or get insights from users.

Three review templates

Our widget offers three review templates: Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin template to save original Facebook review look, Bubble – to put author details under the review text, and Spotlight to place all elements to the center and put the accent on the text.

Four predefined layouts

There are four balanced layouts. List will show reviews one by one; Grid will shape a grid of reviews; Slider will create a review carousel; and Masonry will put reviews in optimal position based on available vertical space. With Slider layout, you can also set arrows or drag navigation, choose sliding speed and pagination type. And with each layout, you can set the number of reviews per page.

Adjustable size of the widget

Align any height and width of the widget in pixels or percentage yourself. It makes it really easy to try different sizes and find the perfect one. And regardless of the size, your Facebook Reviews WordPress plugin will look perfect on any device due to mobile optimization.

Text font sizes

You can choose the font size yourself. This option is available for the widget title and for the reviews text, so you can choose them separately. For the widget title text, you can also pick weight option: regular or bold.

Elements to paint

There are five elements that can be colored individually: review text, background, links, review request button, and star rating. Try various combinations or stay with the most usual Facebook colors – it’s up to you.

Ultimately responsive widget

We want our plugin to suit every need of yours and your visitors. That’s why it perfectly works on any device, including tablets and smartphones, and with any display resolution.

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