Formidable Forms Pro v6.4.1 Plugin free (gpl license)

Formidable Forms Pro v6.4.1 Plugin free (gpl license)

Formidable Forms Pro v6.4.1 Plugin free (gpl license) is a cutting-edge web-based form generator that facilitates the rapid and simple development of robust web-based forms. Natural language processing (NLP) technology has advanced to the point where users may design forms that meet their specific requirements in a fraction of the time it takes to design forms using more archaic methods.

Formidable Forms Pro v6.4.1 Plugin free (gpl license) for WordPress Features

• Drag-and-drop Form Builder
• Auto-generated forms
• Multi-Page Forms
• JSON Endpoints
• Conditional Logic
• File Uploads
• Form Analytics & Reporting
• Pre-populated fields
• Advanced Integrations
• Mobile Responsive Forms
• User Roles & Permissions
• Form Notifications & Automation
• Form Scheduling & Limits
• Stripe Payment & Subscriptions
• Shopify Payment Forms
• Signing & Invoicing
• Spreadsheet View
• Zapier Integration
• Multi-column Forms
• Google Analytics Integration

6.3.1 =
* Security: Additional validation has been added when installing plugins from the WordPress repository.
* New: A new “Open in new tab” toggle has been added to confirmation actions with redirect rules.
* New: Dropdown field options now use less whitespace, reducing the amount of required HTML downloaded to load the form.
* New: Additional missing for attributes have been added to admin pages to improve accessibility.
* New: Support for a new remove_accents option has been added for field shortcodes.
* Fix: There was additional unexpected white space on some mobile widths when distraction free mode is not active.
* Fix: Field button options were inconsistent widths. When clicking beside a field, it wouldn’t get added to the form because of the small button size.
* Fix: A fatal error would occur in PHP 8.2 when checking for form name shortcodes in array data.
* Fix: A warning would occur for forms with no name when viewing the list of entries.

= 6.3 =
* New: Improved the readability of error messages when importing XML.
* New: The custom validity message pop up that happens when trying to submit an entry with an invalid format will now use the custom invalid message defined in form settings.
* New: A “Select All” checkbox has been added to the Import/Export page to the top of the form selection table.
* Fix: A 0 fieldset border value would not work, showing a border instead.
* Fix: Confirmation action redirects were no longer enforcing the sanitize_url option in shortcodes.
* Fix: Repeater icons would appear darker than expected in Gutenberg block previews.
* Fix: Improper use of the frm_validate_entry filter will now throw a message. Previously when a null value was returned, no validation would error, and a warning (or fatal error in PHP8) would occur. Now unless an array is returned, the previous error messages will be preserved and a message will be triggered for improper use.
* Fix: The autocomplete page dropdown would be cut off because of an overflow styling issue when embedding a form into an existing page in a modal.
* Fix: Using “description” as a field key would trigger a fatal error on entries list pages.
* Fix: Search wasn’t working on the Import/Export page.
* The form builder now applies more strict filtering and escaping when previewing real time updates.

= 6.2.3 =
* Fix: Forms submitted with AJAX would display an unexpected “We’re sorry. It looks like you’ve already submitted that” message when WooCommerce v7.6.0 is active.
* Fix: Added an extra check so invalid serialized data doesn’t trigger any warning or errors when an unexpected array key type is found.
* Fix: XML exports would fail to import because of an unexpected carriage return at the beginning of the file, or an unexpected meta tag added by the Equity WordPress theme. In these cases the XML string will now be corrected in order for the import to work.
* Fix: Added a callable check to avoid a “Call to undefined function FrmProAddonsController::print_grace” error when upgrading.
* Fix: The license warning banner would overflow on top of other page elements.
* Fix: Added additional validation for style settings. Unexpected invalid characters will now be cleaned up automatically when a style is saved. A new warning will now also be displayed in the styler when a broken stylesheet is detected.
* Fix: The utf8_encode function has been replaced as it is deprecated in PHP 8.2.
* Input border radius is now included in styler card preview samples.

= 6.2.2 =
* Fix: Redirects to PayPal were not working, resulting in a white screen instead.

= 6.2.1 =
* Fix: Shortcodes were not getting replaced in redirect confirmation actions.

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