Helper v1.0.10 free - OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress (Gpl license)

Helper v1.0.10 free – OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress (Gpl license)

Helper v1.0.10 free – OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress (Gpl license) is a fast and easy-to-add Chatbot WordPress plugin that supports regular and AI Bot types. The AI Chatbot is powered by OpenAI GPT-3 (ChatGPT) and easily integrates into your site without any special technical knowledge.

It can efficiently handle questions related directly to your website content or products, provide personalized responses, and resolve common issues, reducing the need for human intervention. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and a positive user experience.

File NameHelper v1.0.10 free – OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress (Gpl license)
File Versionv1.0.10
File TypeGPL

Helper v1.0.10 free – OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress (Gpl license) Features

Personalization and context-awareness: GPT-3-powered chatbots can analyze user input and generate responses that are contextually relevant and personalized. The bot answer can based on the content of site posts/pages, Woocommerce products, or even a PDF file.

Customizable bot objective: you can specify how the bot should answer depending on your purpose and specific needs. This Helper v1.0.10 free – OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress (Gpl license) you to adapt its behavior, manners and focus on specific context according to unique requirements. The bot can generate responses only for specified content (posts, pages, products) or without any restrictions.

Different bot features combination: there are included FAQ block, data collection form, email sending form and AI bot. You can use these Helper v1.0.10 free – OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress (Gpl license) together or all separately easily managing them in the plugin setting.

Speech recognition: includes a voice input feature instead of manual typing. This can greatly improve the user experience, especially for individuals with limited typing skills or mobility impairments. Users can simply speak their responses, making the process faster and more accessible.

Speech syntheses: the bot can convert messages to speech and speak to the user. The Text to Speech function is based on WebSpeech API and included 40+ Languages and more than 160 voices.

Sale assistance: the chatbot with artificial intelligence can act as a virtual sales assistant in your WooCommece store, engaging with potential customers, and guiding them through the sales process. By providing product recommendations, answering queries and help convert leads into sales.

Google Analytics support: once the user submits their data through the chatbot, this event is sent to your Google Analytics so that you get more information about the user’s interaction with your site.

OpenAI API Models Variations: the plugin supports and updates the list of OpenAI models that best suit the goals of users in terms of their capabilities and price.

Bot logs support: check the user interaction with the chatbot and analyze the requests/questions to improve your product or service, as well as the user experience with the site.

24/7 availability: unlike human agents who have limited working hours, AI chatbots are available 24/7, ensuring continuous support and assistance for customers across different time zones. This accessibility improves customer satisfaction, especially for global businesses or organizations serving diverse audiences.

Multiple communication channels: the Helper plugin provides the ability to add different communication methods such as mail, call, and social networks to quickly reach human support. It can combine the benefits of automated assistance with the strengths of human interaction, leading to improved customer satisfaction, higher engagement, and better overall customer experiences.

Multilingual: AI Chatbot can understand different languages and give the answer in the appropriate language.

Helper v1.0.10 free - OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress (Gpl license)

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