HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme

HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme

HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme is a Hosting WordPress Theme and is one of our most valuable Server related business themes. We HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme that HostCluster is going to represent your entire hosting business. It has more than 10 demos, and each one of them is focused on a particular part of your HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme hosting business. HostCluster can be tagged as a sophisticated platform that is capable of many actions that take place in the hosting area. If you need a theme to keep your business safe and do the hard job for you, HostCluster is the right tool you can apply to your business identity.


Stop thinking about the laborious process that stays behind the whole hosting or domain acquisition process. HostCluster comes equipped with the WHMCS plugin so that you can digitalize the entire core process of your business. We integrated the WHMCS BridHostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme ge plugin in this theme to provide a consistent and unique user experience to any customer that is coming to your website with a server, hosting purpose.

Some of the core features of this plugin will make things easier for you. WHMCS comes with a caching feature, with permalinks, SEO Titles, Custom Templates, Enhanced Visual Integration, Single Sign-On, Multi-lingual WHMCS support, Shortcodes and more. Because of the pro version of the WHMCS Bridge Pro plugin, your clients can add comments on your blog posts, share info with friends and order custom hosting plans. More than that, your customers can pay their bills using this plugin.


Straight from the top of the main home page, you can make available an essential feature that HostCluster can offer. The domain name checker has HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme functionality. Your customers will be redirected to a “Register Domain” page when they click search. This page is straightforward to use, and your customers can add to the cart directly from this page. They can also see the price for the domain they searched for.

On the main homepage, you can display a block with Hosting Solutions so the customers can have a first preview of what services can you offer and for what prices. In this section we designed the services to be organized in packages, and your customers can only HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme to read more information about them.

In the next section, you can add more information about your particular server hosting services. For example Data Migration, Firewall, Cloud Backup, DDoS HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme or Data Security. All of these can be changed to fulfill your willings.

Going deeper into the page, your customers can observe an interactive map that can instantly show some pop-ups full of information about your server locations.

We said before that HostCluster is a very complicated server hosting theme, and similar to GoDaddy or Namecheap, and you can now have a section to display HostCluster WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme packages about any firewall service you provide. You can customize plans for any customer, and you can build pricing plans for any budget starting from simple or basic hosting packages or business plans for convincing customers.

It was compulsory to have a testimonial section because, in the hosting business environment, your brand can be easily recommended to other potential customers.

At the end of the main homepage, you can add a section where you can display your partners or previous clients or projects.

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