IdeaPush Pro 8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license)

IdeaPush Pro v8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license)

With IdeaPush you can add an awesome feature/idea request system to WordPress. Use IdeaPush to generate new ideas or get feedback from actual users and customers or use it as a support triage system or use it for something else!

File NameIdeaPush Pro v8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license)
File Versionv8.51
File TypeGPL

IdeaPush Pro v8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license) Features


Easily activate automatic notifications for the administrator, idea authors or voters for a range of actions. Use our simple but powerful shortcode generator to make your email subject and content dynamic, relevant and personalised.


Enable users or guests to vote on ideas with an up vote only or an up and down vote so poor ideas can be buried and good ideas can rise. Place a IdeaPush Pro v8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license) maximum voting limit on voting to prevent misuse. Set a vote threshold for your board so ideas automatically change status when the vote goal is reached.


With an accessible form users or guests can create new ideas and assign ideas tags and an attachment. Like votes, new ideas can have a daily limit so things don’t get out of control. Eliminate bot ideas with built-in honeypot and math problem protection. IdeaPush Pro v8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license) new ideas are submitted, ideas can either be automatically published or get assigned a pending status for administrator approval. Upgrade to pro to show suggested ideas to users whilst they write a new idea to prevent duplication.


IdeaPush Pro 8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license)

The admin interface is well organised and provides extensive options for customising the plugin. Create a new board in seconds and add the board shortcode provided to any post or page.


Statuses keep your ideas organised and logical within a typical development workflow. Ideas when created are set to open and are set to reviewed IdeaPush Pro v8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license) the vote goal has been reached and can then be changed to approved or declined and then to in progress and completed. Ideas can be edited in the backend like any other WordPress post. Optionally, tags can be used as a secondary categorisation method to better manage ideas.


Great attention to detail has been made to bring the frontend design to a professional level. IdeaPush is a dynamic Ajax powered interface so ideas move up and down as a vote gets cast. When ideas are sorted to show ideas by the most popular, recent, trending, your own ideas or ideas you have voted on, new ideas are fetched. Ideas can also be filtered by status or tags to create specific lookups of ideas.

Or better yet, use our super powerful live search filter to search idea titles, content, authors and tags with search phrase highlighting.

Each idea has its own page for sharing and SEO purposes and for administrators there are quick action buttons on the single idea page to bring idea triage to the frontend. Upgrade to pro to remove the single idea page.

IdeaPush Pro 8.51 Plugin free (Gpl license)

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