MyArcadePlugin Starter WordPress Arcade Plugin

MyArcadePlugin Starter WordPress Arcade Plugin

If you are new on to MyArcadePlugin Starter WordPress Arcade Plugin, let’s check a few example sites to see what you can do with our Plugin. All of these sites use MyArcadePlugin Starter WordPress Arcade Plugin to fetch and publish games. The theme shown in demo #1 is included with MyArcadePlugin Starter. Other demo sites use premium arcade themes which can be purchased separately.


MyArcadePlugin Starter WordPress Arcade Plugin Starter Features

Check out the list with some of the cool MyArcadePlugin Starter features:

  • 8 Game Distributors
  • 7 Game Types
  • Stats Page with several useful widgets
  • Automated Game Fetching
  • Automated Game Publishing
  • Individual Game Publishing
  • Bulk Game Publishing
  • Publish games immediately
  • Publish games time shifted
  • User friendly Game Management Panel
  • Option to fetch only mobile games
  • Option to embed games automatically (No theme editing!)
  • Post template with several placeholders to generate unique game descriptions
  • Download game files automatically to your server (optional)
  • Download game screenshots automatically to your server (optional)
  • Grab games files from URLs
  • Import games uploaded via FTP
  • Edit games before publishing
  • Play games before publishing
  • Bulk game deletion
  • Single Category Publishing
  • Allow users to import games
  • Force user to register after X game plays
  • Works with every WordPress theme
  • and a lot of more…

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