Learnash Dashboard Addon v6.0.4 free (Gpl license)

Learnash Dashboard Addon v6.0.4 free (Gpl license)

Learnash Dashboard Addon v6.0.4 free (Gpl license) get an individual front panel for students, instructors, and group leaders to monitor and manage everything related to your LearnDash account. Show anyone anything from anywhere.

File NameLearnash Dashboard Addon v6.0.4 free (Gpl license)
File Versionv6.0.4
File TypeGPL

Learnash Dashboard Addon v6.0.4 free (Gpl license) Features

Frontend Course Builder

It is a distinctive feature of Learndash Dashboard Addon, which allows instructors to create and manage their courses without having to go to the WordPress backend. Instructors will create courses and assign quizzes and certificates to them.

This feature helps the instructor to manage everything without diving into the complex WordPress backend panel.

Custom Frontend Dashboard for Everyone

Tracking the progress of a Learndash-based learning management system is no longer a tedious task. Website administrators, instructors, group leader and students will get their personalized dashboard to track their progress.

From here you can monitor all the statistics of your course. You’ll get a full overview of completed courses, number of enrollments, total number of students, total earnings, and much more.

Create multiple instructors

Create unlimited instructors to develop high-quality courses. Instructors can manage the students enrolled in their courses. Also, if the course is large enough, you can assign multiple instructors to a single course to ensure smooth and consistent management.

Questionnaire tracking and assignment management

The instructor can keep track of all the quiz attempts of their students on their dashboard. This displays the test results, total scores, number of questions, and passing score, as well as the status of the test. Instructors can approve assignments from the front-end itself.

Students and course progress

With Learndash Dashboard Addon, course instructors will be able to monitor course and student progress details on their front panel. This data can also be exported in CSV format.

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