Real Cookie Banner PRO 3.13.1 Plugin free (Gpl license)

Real Cookie Banner PRO 3.13.1 Plugin free (Gpl license)

Real Cookie Banner PRO 3.13.1 Plugin free (Gpl license) is an cookie and consent management plugin. Obtain consent to load services and set cookies for your visitors in accordance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. In addition, content blockers help you to be compliant even if your theme, plugin or content loads styles, scripts or iframes that would transfer personal data. Start now with our guided-configuration and avoid legal risks!

File NameReal Cookie Banner PRO 3.13.1 Plugin free (Gpl license)
File Version3.13.1
File TypeGPL

Real Cookie Banner PRO 3.13.1 Plugin free (Gpl license) Features

  • Guided configuration: After installation, we will guide you through the setup step by step. With easy to understand explanations.
  • Checklist for potential legally compliant setup: A checklist shows you all the steps to be able to set up your cookie banner in a legally compliant way.
  • Scan your website: Real Cookie Banner PRO 3.13.1 Plugin free (Gpl license) search your entire website. Find used services with templates and embedded external URLs effortlessly.
  • Free version available: Start at no cost and pay only when you really need additional features.
  • Support (Live Chat and Email): You have questions? We are here for you. Promised! (limited for users of the free version)
  • Fully translated: WordPress plugin and all templates are translated in English and German (informal and formal).

Consent Management // we take care of compliant consents

  • Cookies and processing of personal data: We Real Cookie Banner PRO 3.13.1 Plugin free (Gpl license) consents for you in accordance with the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR (suitable for Swiss DSG as well). For more than just cookies!
  • 150+ service and 120+ content blocker templates*: We’ve already collected all the necessary technical and legal stuff for 150+ popular services, so you can avoid the hassle.
  • Individual groups for services: Make it easy for your visitors to opt-in by grouping services together. Automatically suggested groups for services with templates.
  • Technical specifications of HTTP cookies and cookie-like information: You can store all necessary information about HTTP cookies, Local Storage, Session Storage, Flash Local Shared Object and IndexedDB.
  • Execution of opt-in and opt-out scripts: After the consent or its revocation can be executed per service HTML/JavaScript code.
  • Legal links: View history of consent and change or revoke consent. You can (and must legally) offer this with simple WordPress menu items or shortcodes anywhere on your website.
  • Youth protection according to GDPR: We take care that also minors can give consents on your website according to Art. 8 GDPR. Without data protection violation!
  • Consent for data processing in the USA*: The USA is considered as a country with an insufficient level of data protection in the EU. We obtain consents so that you can still use US-services like Google Analytics.
  • Hide cookie banner legally compliant: Imprint and privacy policy must be accessible without cookie banner. On other pages, e.g. landing pages, conversation rates increase*. Works with us quite simply!
  • Automatically obtain of new consents: You change something on the cookie banner? We will notify you automatically when you need to get a new consent!
  • Accepting all cookies for bots: For more visibility in search engines, bots can automatically consent and see the full content of your website.
  • Use of “Do Not Track” header: Don’t annoy your visitors who are already signaling that they don’t want to consent. You can respect the “Do Not Track” HTTP-header.

Real Cookie Banner PRO 3.13.1 Plugin free (Gpl license)

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