Uncanny Automator v5.0 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license)

Uncanny Automator v5.1 free - WordPress Plugin (Gpl license)

Uncanny Automator v5.0 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license) is the easiest and most powerful way to automate your WordPress site with no code. Build automations in minutes that connect your WordPress plugins, sites and apps together using billions of recipe combinations.

Features Uncanny Automator v5.0 free Plugin


Improve customer engagement by having your purchases trigger marketing automation campaigns, award store credit, promote 5-star reviews, schedule time-limited bonus offers and offer profile-driven discounts. Or for advanced Uncanny Automator v5.0 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license) and customer service, create WooCommerce automations that send purchase details to Google Sheets, Slack and ActiveCampaign. It’s all automatic and you can build these recipes in minutes!


Build powerful reports and dashboards based on almost any WordPress activity or data with 1-click Google Sheets integration. Track purchases, course completions, blog post updates, forum posts and more. Not only can you create new rows for reports with Uncanny Automator, but you can update existing records, making it perfect for dashboard reporting.


Looking for the most powerful and comprehensive webhook support to connect your WordPress site to other apps? Uncanny Automator has support for security headers, any request method and any data format (including nesting support, JSON, XML, arrays and more). Use our 1-click sample generation and debug records to simplify connecting to other sites and systems, and send unlimited outgoing webhooks with the free version.


Personalize student experiences and deliver better learning outcomes with no-code automations. Notify an instructor when users fail a quiz and enroll them in a remedial course–automatically. Add users to groups based on performance to allow easy collaboration. Automate student outreach when users fall behind in their coursework and offer easy learning interventions.


Spend less time sharing your posts and announcements on social media with automatic posting. Automatically post anything you want to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, including with images and links. Sign up for a free account to get 250 credits for social posting; Pro plugin users get unlimited posting.


Put your social community on autopilot with simple Automator recipes that promote sharing and collaboration. Sync groups with membership levels, share key accomplishments in your activity feeds, move users between groups as they progress in LearnDash courses.

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