PixelYourSite Pro Free v9.10.0 Plugin (Gpl license)

PixelYourSite PRO v9.10.5 free Plugin (Gpl license)

PixelYourSite Pro Free v9.10.0 Plugin (Gpl license) is a powerful plugin that helps you manage your Facebook Pixel and get the most out of your Facebook advertising campaigns. Over 57,000 small business owners use the plugin to optimize their Facebook Pixels and improve their marketing efforts.

PixelYourSite Pro Free v9.10.0 Plugin (Gpl license) also offers a range of advanced options and customization settings. For example, you can use the plugin to track custom events, create custom audiences based on specific events or actions, and set up custom conversions for different products or pages on your website.

You can also use the PixelYourSite Pro Free v9.10.0 Plugin (Gpl license) to create custom parameters for your Facebook Pixel, allowing you to track and measure specific data points or customer actions. Overall, PixelYourSite PRO is a comprehensive and user-friendly plugin that helps you get the most out of your Facebook Pixel and improve your Facebook advertising efforts.

File NamePixelYourSite Pro Free v9.10.0 Plugin (Gpl license)
File VersionPixelYourSite Pro Free v9.10.0
File TypeGPL

Features of PixelYourSite PRO Free v9.10.0 WP Plugin (Gpl license)

  • One Click Pixel Install: Easily install your Facebook Pixel with just a few clicks.
  • Custom Audiences Optimization: Optimize your custom audiences for better targeting and higher conversion rates.
  • Events and Dynamic Events: Use events and dynamic events to track customer actions and create more targeted ads.
  • WooCommerce and EDD PixelYourSite Pro Free v9.10.0 Plugin (Gpl license): Integrate your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads store with PixelYourSite PRO, with support for custom conversion values and dynamic ads.
  • Export Lifetime Value: Export a file containing the lifetime value of your WooCommerce or EDD customers to create value-based lookalike audiences.
  • Add Any Script: Use the Head/Footer smart option to add any script to your website.
  • Product Catalog Feeds: Create product catalog feeds for WooCommerce, Facebook, Google Merchant, and AdWords Remarketing.
  • Auto-Refresh Option: Keep your catalogs updated with the auto-refresh option for the XML feed.
  • Filters: Use filters to promote only the PixelYourSite Pro Free v9.10.0 Plugin (Gpl license) that you want.
  • Multiple Image Options: Choose from multiple image options to ensure that your ads always look good.
  • WPML Support: PixelYourSite PRO is fully compatible with the WPML plugin for multilingual websites.

(Changelog) in PixelYourSite PRO v9.10.0

August 28, 2023

  • ChatGPT file export under WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. It allows you to use ChatGPT Code Interpreter to analyze your data.
  • Changes to how TikTok API works: The Page View event is no longer sent using the API because it is impossible to duplicate between the tag and API Page View events. All the other events are sent using API.
  • Fix for a possible bug related to Easy Digital Downloads reports exporting.
  • Fix for possible warnings on the WooCommerce cart and checkout pages.
  • Fix for a possible Call to undefined method error related to the TikTok tag.
  • Fix for a possible PHP Fatal error: Uncaught InvalidArgumentException related to Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Video links updates.

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