SearchWP Pro v4.3.8 free - WordPress Plugin (Gpl license)

SearchWP Pro v4.3.8 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license)

SearchWP Pro v4.3.8 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license) is the best Wordpress Plugins being developed by SearchWP. SearchWP WordPress Plugin comes with powerful features that allows you to build your website quickly and easily.

File NameSearchWP Pro v4.3.8 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license)
File Versionv4.3.8
File TypeGPL

SearchWP Pro v4.3.8 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license) Features

  • PDF and Office Document Indexing – Index the content of PDF, Office, and text documents in your WordPress Media library.
  • Automatic Integration with Native WP Search, No Coding! – SearchWP’s default engine uses your existing WordPress native search forms and results template.
  • Multiple Search Engines – Configure individual search engines, each with their own settings to meet your needs. Easily integrate into your theme with step-by-step instructions.
  • Keyword Stemming – Show better results by using keyword stems instead of exact term matches.
  • Search Everything – Search your product details, Custom Fields content, Shortcode output, and more!
  • Exclude or Attribute SearchWP Pro v4.3.8 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license) – Easily exclude content from search results, or attribute findings to more appropriate results.
  • Search Statistics and Insights – Log searches to find out what your visitors are searching for and (not?) finding.
  • Easy Algorithm Customization – Easily customize how results are ranked using SearchWP’s intuitive interface and weighting system.
  • WooCommerce Integration – Stop losing money when your customers can’t search by your product details!
  • bbPress Integration – Improve the usefulness of your forums by implementing a powerful, relevant search.
  • WP Job Manager Integration – Allow visitors to search for Listing metadata, which is otherwise ignored by WordPress.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Integration – Make sure your customers are finding your products easily and effectively.
  • Advanced Custom Fields Support – Stop ignoring content stored in Advanced Custom Fields when searching your site.

SearchWP Pro v4.3.8 free – WordPress Plugin (Gpl license) Changelog

  • [Change] Partial term matching now requires PHP 5.4+
  • [Change] Synonym handling has been improved, for full explanation see
  • [New] Support (with caveats) for quoted/phrase/sentence searches, for more information see
  • [New] Automatic “Did you mean” handling for misspelled searches, for more information see
  • [New] Adds core support for keyword stemming for these language codes: EN, DA, NL, FR, DE, IT, NB, NN, PT, RO, RU, ES, SV (if you are using an Extension you can remove it)
  • [New] New filter searchwp_query_collate_override to override table COLLATE
  • [New] New filter searchwp_th_minimum_word_length to control highlighter minimum word length
  • [New] New filter searchwp_persist_extra_metadata to control whether Extra Metadata is persisted (e.g. to support quoted searches for that data)
  • [New] Detection for background indexer communication failure in some cases
  • [Improvement] Global excerpts now implement WordPress’ excerpt_more output where applicable
  • [Improvement] Partial match highlighting is more accurate
  • [Improvement] JavaScript bundlers have been reconfigured and optimized
  • [Fix] Account for AND logic refinement being too aggressive in some cases
  • [Fix] Trigger index when scheduled posts are published
  • [Fix] Delta updates when editing via Quick Edit
  • [Fix] Better checks against index when evaluating partial matches
  • [Fix] SWP_Query results are no longer incorrectly overridden with subsequent calls to SWP_Query->get_posts()
  • [Fix] Highlighter partial match setting now defaults to core partial match setting
  • [Fix] Warning when processing purge queue in some cases
  • [Fix] Parent weight transfer for Media is no longer enabled by default
  • [Fix] Global highlight functions are now initialized in a more accessible way
  • [Fix] z-index problem when adding a Post Type to an engine
  • [Fix] More consistent handling of internal metadata types
  • [Fix] Prevent inapplicable post types from being considered for search when in the WordPress Dashboard
  • [Fix] Take exclusive regex matches into consideration when tokenizing
  • [Update] Translation source

SearchWP Pro v4.3.8 free - WordPress Plugin (Gpl license)

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