Timeline Awesome Pro Plugin

Timeline Awesome Pro Plugin

Timeline Awesome Pro Plugin is a fantastic plugin that helps You to create the Timeline Awesome Pro Plugin interface element into your WordPress Site. Timeline Awesome is easy to use. With only two steps, you can create a stunning timeline interface.

This Timeline Awesome Pro Plugin is suitable for those of you who need to create vertical timeline or horizontal timeline elements in Your WordPress site. If you want an easy way to create a timeline and don’t want to waste time and cost making it, You come to the right page.

Timeline Awesome Pro Plugin Awesome Feature

  • 15+ ready timeline template
  • 100+ design possibility
  • 2 step timeline creation
  • Creates unlimited timeline
  • Vertical timeline style
  • Horizontal timeline style
  • Timeline with navigation
  • Multiple Transition and animation
  • Work with any themes
  • Multiple timelines in one page
  • Drag and drop timeline item order
  • Clone timeline item
  • Customize Title  color
  • Customize Time color
  • Customize Description color 
  • Upload Image Timeline
  • Customize border-color
  • Add Icon from Font Awesome icons 
  • Insert Timeline using shortcode
  • Insert Timeline using Gutenberg block
  • Insert Timeline using Elementor block
  • Media embed support
  • Mobile Friendly 

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