WooCommerce Coupon Box v2.1.0 free (gpl license)

WooCommerce Coupon Box v2.1.0 free (gpl license)

WooCommerce Coupon Box v2.1.0 free (gpl license) helps you collect emails from your visitor. Don’t waste your traffic, Email marketing is an old-but-gold marketing channel. WooCommerce Coupon Box helps you turn traffic into email subscribers.

WooCommerce Coupon Box v2.1.0 free (gpl license) displays a subscribe email pop-up to new visitors, offering coupons and asking them to subscribe email, generating and sending a coupon code to the subscribed email address. You can check the subscribed email addresses in the plugin back-end or sync with your email marketing platforms through API.

  • A popup will appear when users visit your site, offer a discount when they subscribe on the coupon box.
  • Pop-up trigger: You can select to display the coupon box pop-up after a selected time after customers scroll their mouse when customers are about to leave your site (hover mouse on close button)
  • Minimize the bar: If customers skip the pop-up, you can select to hide the pop-up or minimize it into the top bar or button of your page. Note: Because of UI restrictions, this feature is not available in mobile mode.
  • ubscribe Reminder time: Schedule a time for the pop-up to reappear if a user skips it.
  • Display only on Homepage: the option that allows you to display the pop-up only on the homepage of your site.
  • Conditional tags: Configure which page where the coupon box will appear using WordPress conditional tags.
  • The WooCommerce Coupon Box plugin can send discount coupons to subscribers. You can select to send existing coupons or generate unique coupons.
  • Generate unique coupon:  Whenever a visitor subscribes to an email, the plugin will generate a unique coupon and send it to his/her email address. You can set up the coupon type, amount, prefix, and all other settings like a WooCommerce coupon.
  • Existing coupons: With this option, you will choose an existing coupon to send to subscribers. You can choose to allow only subscribed emails to use the coupon.
  • Custom: Sending a custom code to subscribers.
  • Do not use coupons: With this option, visitors will not receive coupons when they subscribe to emails.
  • Multilanguage coupon box: This plugin is made compatible with WMPL and Plolylang which allow displaying coupon boxes in the language of the customer.

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