Woocommerce Smart Manager v8.28.0 Plugin free (Gpl license)

Woocommerce Smart Manager v8.28.0 Plugin free (Gpl license)

Woocommerce Smart Manager v8.28.0 Plugin free (Gpl license) is a powerful WooCommerce advanced bulk edit and inventory management plugin. It’s an absolute must for every shop owner who wants massive time savings and a 10x productivity boost.

Manage and bulk edit your inventory/product stock from a single screen using an Excel-like sheet editor – SKUs, weight, prices, backorders, stock status, stock log, tax status, shipping class, product title and all the important WooCommerce stock management-related fields.

File NameWoocommerce Smart Manager v8.28.0 Plugin free (Gpl license)
File Versionv8.28.0
File TypeGPL

Woocommerce Smart Manager v8.28.0 Plugin free (Gpl license) Features

  • Up to three Inline edits (direct edits) at one go without saving the changes.
  • Live preview and infinite scrolling for smoother navigation.
  • No restrictions on the post type fields available to edit.
    — Products – increase or decrease the sale price and regular price, manage backorders, SKU, change product description, categories, attributes, tags, tax class, tax status, etc. WooCommerce stock management can’t get simpler than this.
    — Orders – change status, billing details, shipping details, currency, etc.
    — Coupons – modify coupon usage, amount, type, expiry date, etc.
    — Posts – title, image, update post status from draft to publish, etc.
  • Edit post types using search filters, date filters, and column filters.
  • Stock log – see the stock history for each product and identify how quickly it is moving.
  • Edit product variations for variable products after clicking on the “Show Variations” button.
  • Add new products, orders, coupons, and posts directly using the spreadsheet.
  • Import products Woocommerce Smart Manager v8.20.0 Plugin free (Gpl license)
  • Delete/Move to trash single or multiple products, orders, coupons and posts.
  • Email notifications to customers on change of order status.
  • Transactional notes also get added to the order on status change.
  • Search using keywords, categories, attributes or any other field.
  • Advanced Search with AND condition, search operators (<,>,=,<=, >=, is, contains, etc.) and drop-down filters. Makes it easy to filter inventory by type, category, backorders, manage stock, stock status, order status, coupon type, Woocommerce Smart Manager v8.20.0 Plugin free (Gpl license) status and a lot more…
    Example – Search for SKU is WC09 and price >= $600.
  • Admin Columns – Show/hide data columns for better usability. Sort data to personalize the dashboard view. For example, sort sale prices in ascending or descending order.
  • Reset the order of the admin columns to the default view.
  • Sticky header to always stay in control when scrolling through thousands of records.
  • Distraction-free mode when performing store operations.
  • Image preview for image type fields in the grid for easier identification of your WooCommerce inventory.
Woocommerce Smart Manager v8.20.0 Plugin free (Gpl license)

Download Woocommerce Smart Manager v8.28.0 Plugin free (Gpl license)

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