YayCurrency Pro free 2.3 Plugin (Gpl license)

YayCurrency Pro free 2.3 Plugin (Gpl license)

YayCurrency Pro free 2.3 Plugin (Gpl license) is a powerful WooCommerce multi currency plugin that is feature-packed in a simplified user interface.

It comes with advanced options like processing checkout in local currencies, recording order history in the currency selected by the customer, allowing you to view WooCommerce reports by currency, and much more.

File NameWP Rocket Plugin Free Download
File Versionv3.14.4.2
File TypeGPL

YayCurrency Pro free 2.3 Plugin (Gpl license) FEATURES

Currency Switcher on Product Page
Show the WooCommerce multi YayCurrency Pro switcher dropdown above Add to cart button on WooCommerce product pages, and other popups where your single product appears including Quickview, filters, etc.

Customize Currency Switcher Drop-down
You can customize currency format by displaying country flags, currency symbol, currency code, or both. It’s easy to display the currency switcher anywhere using [yaycurrency-switcher] shortcode. The pricing can be customized using correct formatting for thousand separator, decimal separator, spacing, and rounding.

WooCommerce Sales Reports
Visit WooCommerce > Reports > Orders, and you can view your store performance based on currency. Once filtered, you will easily see your total sales, leaderboards, orders, and top products sold in each currency.

Pretty Price Ending
Round the converted prices to your desired threshold and make them end in target figures (such as 00, .49, .79, .99, and so on). Psychological pricing made easy with YayCurrency. You can run live test calculations to be sure you’ll have the right WooCommerce multi currency outcome.

Manage Conversion Fee
For each currency pair, your bank, payment processor, or money transfer operator may apply a currency exchange fee. To reduce cash loss, you can optionally add a conversion fee to WooCommerce multi currency settings.

Multiple Currency Switcher Widgets
Display the WooCommerce multi currency switcher at your store’s optimal point using widget customizer and shortcode.
Even when you’re already using various widgets of chatbox, contact button, or other theme widgets, you still can find a sweet spot for the currency converter.

Switchable During Checkout
Allow switching currency during checkout and record purchase transactions based on the local supported payment methods. In WooCommerce Orders history, you will see order value recorded in different currencies.

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